Patrimonial One delivered at me, the second, the manager.

patrimonial office as that came into my box, still I faced two men in postnatal office during rounds on the weekend.

The nurse worked at my floor even!

Generally, I plunged into bewilderment more and more.

And it tormented me very long nearly one and a half years, so far, at last, there was no happy and informal opportunity to ask the questions exciting me to personally those remarkable doctors who work in ohms maternity hospital.

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Sample: At a bear

Sample: At a bear Once Tanya and Vanya came to a zoo.

Animals whom they saw, struck them with the big sizes.

Help to children to make offers on a sample.

Sample: At a bear not of a paw, and a lapishcha.

At a tiger not claws, and At a monkey not a tail, and At a giraffe not a neck, and At a lion not teeth, and At a walrus not moustaches, and At an elephant not of a foot, and Consider exercise and call: Connect lines of animals of one view from a circle mi corresponding color.

Count animals write down figure in a circle or designate quantity points, and you learn, how many new animals of each look will appear in zoo.

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Proceeding uchenyyfiziolog I.


Arshavsky defines such reaction as a physiological stress unlike the damaging pathological stress.

Proceeding from researches of laboratory of I.


Arshavsky, the organism at the time of the birth well copes with difference of temperatures.

Throughout the prenatal period the child develops at a temperature of a human body about degrees, and at the time of the birth it gets on Wednesday where temperature hardly exceeds degrees.

It is undoubted that it is worth training in it this ability further.

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Example. The monthold

Example. The monthold Being adults, they had feeling of concern, a depression.

On the other hand, children who receive parental love, can overcome even congenital shortcomings.

In any of our schools there are examples when children with limited abilities became healthy.


The monthold child with the diagnosis autism started being engaged at school.

He regularly visited hospital to Tokyo and health center in Shizuoke where estimated his development.

Three months after the beginning of occupations at Shichidas school, doctors took an interest, by what technique with it are engaged because they found in it ingenious abilities.

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The object, emotionally

The object, emotionally Tasks have to be given in a form, communicatively significant for the child.

It is desirable that drawing up the story had no artificial character and or was a conversation component, or it was presented in the game form.

The object, emotionally significant for the child, or an event has to become a subject of the story.


the descriptive story can be devoted to the description of a pet if that is available for the child of the house, or a favourite toy, and the narrative text to the spent day in kindergarten, or a trip to the days off.

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